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The presence of static guards at your business premises and other sites can provide great peace of mind. It not only offers a deterrent to vandalism and theft, but also adds prestige to the facility. What differentiates a good static guard company from the rest? Most clients struggle with this question when they are searching for static guards East London.

Firstline Security has introduced a remarkable difference in the delivery of security services. It is all about a blend of dedication and professionalism in controlling access and guarding assets. Through thorough vetting and training, we are able to produce the most reliable team of static guards in East London. Our guards get the job done effectively by combining their sharp senses and the latest technology. As a result, hundreds of clients in the area rely on us for various security duties.

If you need 24-hour security for your assets, come to Firstline Security. Our services are designed to offer optimum solutions for your requirements. Here are several key security functions covered:
Access control and gate operation
Intelligence collection
Static surveillance
Protection of buildings and offices
Identity verification
Security of vital installations
Protection of valuables and cash
Vehicle inspection

It is our policy to exceed the expectations of our clients. That is why although our static guards are trained and certified, they can still be trained in additional areas depending on client’s needs. Such areas include Close Protection, Door Personnel and Surveillance. Our training programmes enable the guards to demonstrate excellence and dedication in different environments. In the end, all our clients get the same level of high quality services.

Speaking of technology, we can equip our guards with special monitoring devices that record movement in the course of the assignment. Consequently, the control centre is able to view the records regularly. This is the best way of ensuring the safety of the guard and that of the client’s property in real time. Moreover, the supervisor makes regular visits to the property to check assignment progress. In the event of the guard on duty needing emergency support, there is always a team on standby.

If your facility in East London needs optimised security, you can call Firstline Security any time. Our trained static guards will control, assess, monitor activities and prevent vandalism among a host of other services. With our emphasis on the latest security technology, the utmost protection and undivided commitment, our solutions are exactly what our clients in East London need.

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