South London


Security is a real necessity in these unsafe times, wherever you may be, London not excluded. You should never just assume that you, your property or business is safe and protected at all times because you never know what king of security concerns could arise. That is why we at Firstline Security have gone above and beyond to meet your security needs and requirements.

Safety and security cannot be underestimated and we understand this all too well. That is why, our expertly trained static guards are able to adapt to fit your security requirements. Their experience and confidence is what gives them the ability to handle any kind of security issue they might encounter on the job. They are certified as well, and can deliver security services up to the highest standards, be it a small or large company located in South London.

Firstline Security provide the very best static guards south London. This is shown not only by our certified security staff, but also by the cutting edge technology we employ to maximize security and minimize risk for you and your property. We are available to work any time, night or day and we regularly continue to push our boundaries to improve the services we provide. We do that by constantly upgrading our training and improving our technical skills and capabilities, to arm our static guards with the training and experience needed to complete any job effectively.

Needless to say, we continually train all of our static guards to act with discipline, vigilance and efficiency. They are more than able to protect your event and/or any location you request to be kept safe, from hotels, schools, banks, offices, parks, shopping centres, construction sites, recreational areas and/or residential premises. Our static guards will ensure that any of those locations are watched over and protected at all times, your safety is important to us. Our customer service is available to make the relevant arrangements to keep you and your property safe and secure. Static guards in south London don’t get any better than that.

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