Due to the range of work and opportunities available, Static Guard Training is one of the most popular ICSE’s courses. Firstline Security’s services have huge demand in wide range of environments ranging from hospitals, building sites, shopping centers among other areas. To qualify for a Security Guard license, you need to get a relevant guard training course from a recognized institution such as Firstline Security.

Firstline Security is one of the leading Guard Training service providers having trained over 100,000 security personnel since its
conception. The security guard course runs for four days and covers three units, which include:

i. Working as a Security Guard

ii. Working in Private Security Industry

iii. Conflict Management

At the end of the training, you have to sit three multiple-choice exams, which are designed to test your knowledge on what you
learned in the course. The exams test for knowledge of the industry and normally take an hour.

We know that the exams can be daunting if you aren’t prepared and that is why our tutors work hard to cover everything well during the training. We ensure that at the end of every course, everything you need to pass the exams is covered. Our instructors are well trained and have many years of experience in training and preparing learners to pass the exams and succeed in their

At Firstline Security, we have well trained Security Guard instructors that will train you on everything you need to know to pass the exams and perform in the field. Our training is thorough, and our students are always fully prepared and confident by the time they reach the exams. The Static Guard exams are critical in building your security guard career. Once you are done with the course, you can seek for employment on a security firm or get a license to practice in the field.

If you wish to work as a Static Guard in a corporate or retail firm, the Static Guard Training is the right course for you. We highly
recommend that you register to Firstline Securit for the training. Once you undertake the training, you are qualified as a security guard as well as a door supervisor. Moreover, once trained you can work in licensed firms such as clubs, bars, festivals, and events. Generally, with this course, you are qualified to serve in many sectors and have high chances of securing a job.